Student Spotlight

Founder of Balancing the Books, Derek Wallace ’00, Shares Story of Kalamata’s Kitchen

By Claire Howard |

In a cozy Venezuelan kitchen, a young girl named Kalamata learns to cook meringues and falls in love with the magic of creating deliciousness. In the south of France, she experiences the delight of a foreign cuisine and the rich cultural heritage it carries. In an apple orchard, she learns how food is tied irrevocably to sensations of home – just as the smell of an apple pie in the oven washes a wave of comforting nostalgia over us. Continue Reading

Mary Ann Shaw Center Unmasked

Associate Vice President and Mary Ann Shaw Center Director Pam Heintz highlights how Syracuse University is academically engaging with the community during this time of COVID. Hear from current students on what this looks like from their perspectives and how they are continuing to make an impact! Includes Syracuse University Literacy Corps, Balancing the Books, Engineering Ambassadors, Books & Cooks, Cooking on the Hillside, Food Busters, and more! Continue Reading

Shaw Center Leadership Intern Selected as Blackstone LaunchPad Global Fellow

By Patrick Linehan |

Stories have long been the way I process the world. When I first learned to write, I would staple together pieces of computer paper to form handwritten ‘novels.’ I later graduated to Microsoft Word, where my adolescent self would pen ill-conceived characters based on a suburban understanding of the world and whatever novel I had read most recently. When I made it to high school, I suppressed this love of storytelling, opting instead to participate in activities that, in my mind, would result in an acceptance letter from the country’s best colleges. Though I was constantly busy running from a club to work to school to volunteering, I didn’t like myself very much. Continue Reading

Q&A with Shaw Center Leadership Intern, Ravyn Smith ’21

By Caitlin Domagal |

A common misconception about college STEM majors is that they are so busy with required coursework that they don’t have time to get fully involved on campus. High school students interested in STEM sometimes worry about their ability to join a club, study abroad, or pursue internship and work experiences. Continue Reading

Balancing the Books Recruitment video

Balancing Books is a literacy initiative that focuses on teaching students financial literacy, reading, writing, mathematics, and other skills that are necessary to help students achieve their goals in school and after graduation. Several tutors and interns describe what makes their experience with Balancing the Books so unique and rewarding.

Continue Reading