Shaw Center Transportation Initiative

Otto, hands raised, in front of Trolley driving past Tolley Building.

The Shaw Center (SC) oversees community engagement transportation for the whole University! We assumed responsibility for transporting Syracuse University (SU) students to community nonprofit and public sites in 1993, in order to support the University’s commitment to civic engagement as an essential part of students’ learning experience. Working collaboratively with the School of Education, and the Division of Campus Safety and Emergency Services, the initiative is managed by Transportation Coordinator, Laurel Morton (VPA ’84), and 6 paid SC Leadership Interns. During the 2018-2019 academic year, they transported more than 940 students riders, totaling 20,800 transports, while managing a new online request system! This is an impressive feat considering the logistics of coordinating the transportation around the student riders course schedule. Kudos to the Shaw Center Transportation team!

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