The Shaw Center touches many lives; SU student volunteers, staff, faculty, children in our neighborhoods, teachers, senior citizens. Many faces form the mosaic. The words below are a small sampling — a verbal collage — of the stories that echo from the Shaw Center.

“Having these students at our program is a great help to both staff and our kids. In particular, their presence allows the children more opportunities for one-on-one attention, thereby helping them to be set up for greater success.”
— Bishop Foery Foundation

“It has really opened me up to different ways of thinking and has given me a well rounded view of the world.”
David Gerster ’13, SULC Tutor and Saturday Program Co-Coordinator 2011-12, Political Science/Policy Studies, College of Arts and Sciences

“I have had the pleasure of constantly learning through the guidance and passion of University and community partners, my peers, and the youth at this program. It has provided me with an inspirational and humbling environment to learn about the complexities of education, culture, identity, and humanity”
— Amanda Stessen ’10 VPA

“It would be hard for us to exaggerate the importance of our work together with the Shaw Center. Our relationship with SU and the various collaborations …are just beyond my wildest dreams”
— Wayne O’Connor, Executive Director, Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection

“The consistency with which our students, faculty, and staff have earned SU distinction on the President’s [Higher Education Community Service] Honor Roll speaks to the breadth and depth of our engagement locally and globally. Not only is our engagement sustained, but it’s a two-way street where we collaborate with partners from across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.”
Former SU Chancellor and President Nancy Cantor