With lessons learned — and stories shared — from hundreds of community partners and thousands of hours of student engagements, the Shaw Center offers nonprofits, schools, businesses, and other neighbors a font of invaluable information. We invite our diverse network of civic colleagues to tap our brains (and hearts and hands) as you plan, design, implement, and improve your programs.

The Shaw Center for Public and Community Service is committed to facilitating sustainable partnerships with nonprofit organizations in the city of Syracuse and Onondaga County. We respond to both the university and community-based organizations by matching student, faculty and staff interests and schedules with community defined needs. The service learning program provides students the opportunity to experience the richness of our community.

Our growing roster of more than 100 community partners underscores the challenges we face as a society. The Shaw Center embraces commitment and encourages new endeavors with community organizations. Spanning diverse segments of civic engagement, our student volunteers work with local schools, charities, healthcare providers, food-service entities and other social-service organizations in thousands of ways every semester.

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