SUVO Fundraising as Part of Student Organization Challenge

The Syracuse University Volunteer Organization (SUVO) has been selected to be one of fifteen student organizations to compete in the Student Organization Challenge!  

As a way to support and embrace the hundreds of student organizations that fuel the heart of the university, Student Association (SA) is facilitating the Student Organization Challenge to provide Registered Student Organizations (RSO’s) the chance to reach their funding goals and bridge as many connections possible. Fifteen RSO’s were selected in recognition of the positive impact they have on campus, from where they are given the opportunity to create their own mini crowdfunding campaign- and your very own SUVO has been selected! 

SUVO matches SU students interested in volunteering with community partner agencies based on their major, interests and availability. An integral part of our mission is to promote impactful engagement practice which fosters reciprocal community partnerships. Under the SUVO umbrella are four beloved initiatives including SULC, Balancing the Books, STEM Initiative, and our multiple Nutrition Programs– Books & Cooks, Cooking on the Hillside, and Food Busters.  

The Nutrition Initiative, the primary focus for this Student Org Challenge, has a longstanding partnership with the Syracuse City School District (SCSD). The Books & Cooks mission is to bring nutrition content, build literacy skills and cultural awareness through our programming. We would like to raise money for the materials and food we bring to the 3rd-5th graders at Dr. Weeks Elementary School and Ed Smith K-8 School. Additionally, funds raised would go towards the costs associated with bringing youth to campus to encourage them to pursue higher education. 

 Shaw Center Leadership Interns Tess Palin and Paige Hartquist describe the importance of this challenge for their program. “The Nutrition Programs have been growing significantly over the past two years, and the exposure that can come from winning this challenge will be a great way for more people to know about the amazing things that we do,” Hartquist states. 

 “With increased exposure comes the possibility of better access for the students we work for” Palin said. “We could have a greater impact with the work we do.” 

 SUVO and the Shaw Center are endlessly grateful for the faculty, staff, donors, and alumni that generously support the work that we do. 

 To help achieve our goals, please visit Cuse Community – Syracuse University Student Organization Challenge  

Story by Ava Portney ’26