Leadership Interns

As a “living learning laboratory,” the Shaw Center grooms SU’s “best and brightest” students as tomorrow’s leaders. Supported by generous grants from private donors, our Leadership Intern Program employs undergraduate students to work with our professional staff to create, implement, assess, and improve our programs. For nearly 20 years, Leadership Interns have invigorated our initiatives with fresh ideas and practices as they experience community-based learning. Kenneth A. and Mary Ann Shaw Leadership Interns, Marion Entwistle Leadership Interns, Whitman Leadership Interns, SRC Leadership Interns, Winnick Literacy Initiatives Leadership Interns, and Falk Leadership Interns are chosen based on strong academic achievement, character, organizational skills, persistence, and interpersonal skills. The benefits of these internships ripple through the careers of these young leaders, and we in turn benefit as a society.