Who We Are

If classrooms are the brains of Syracuse University, we are its heart and hands. The Mary Ann Shaw Center intentionally unites professional staff, faculty, and students in service to the civic realm. Transcending boundaries of academic discipline or practice, we collaborate with community partners as ambassadors of learning and citizenship.

We are the face of Syracuse University. Shaped by a vision of civic and global engagement, we are hundreds of students engaged yearly in thousands of hours of community based learning and literacy. We are faculty and staff discovering student success through community collaboration.

“How do we want to be in the world? What difference can we make?” We are answers-in-progress to these vital questions.

In 2006, Syracuse University was one of 63 institutions of higher education, the first class, to receive the elective classification of Community Engagement in Curricular Engagement and Outreach by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.