Transportation Process

The Shaw Center, in concert with Parking & Transit and the Department of Public Safety, facilitates transportation of Syracuse University student volunteers into nearby areas of the city for service learning, tutoring and designated student teaching placements that are not within walking distance or on a public bus route. Students who need transportation must complete and submit the request form at least two business days in advance of anticipated travel. A sample of the form is found at the link below. Only the color-coded forms, distributed through our office at 237 Schine Student Center, may be used to request transportation.

Only those who are registered and scheduled through the Shaw Center may ride in these buses or drive the center’s vans.

After you have determined where and when you need to transported, and have come into the Shaw Center office to complete one of our color coded request forms for each day of the week you require transportation; you will then be given a calendar and instructions for rider responsibilities including directions on how to access the schedules which are posted daily.

To download more information, view our forms page.