School of Information Studies

IST 155 (3) Introduction to Information Management and Technology

Instructors: Michael Eisenberg, Steve Sawyer and Kevin Crowston

Course Description:
Concepts and skills. Information in society, technology, information resources, behavior of information users, the information professions. Development of personal information skills: information problem solving, use of resources, computer skills, synthesis.

Extra: All students do community field visits to a range of public and private organizations to analyze and report on their use of information and information technology.


IST 352 (3) Information Analysis of Organizational Systems

Instructors: Tom Marten, Steve Sawyer, Ping Zhang

Course Description:
Introduces information flow as basis of organizational work and role of information systems in managing work. Concept of systems decomposition to facilitate analysis. Skills required to decompose, model, and analyze information systems.


*IST 466 (3) Professional Issues in Information Management and Technology

Instructor: Jon Gant

Course Description:
Integration of management strategies, information uses, and information technologies as related to professional conduct, ethics, and career strategies. In depth review and use of case studies.


IST 475/675 (3) Telecommunications Project

Instructor: Murali Venkatesh

Course Description:
Field-based network planning and design. Interact with a real world client to elicit requirements and propose implementable network solutions. Includes pricing for components and performance assessment using software simulation. IST 675 students plan for and lead teams. Undergraduates and graduates both require group projects with community organizations to analyze an information system.


IST 553 (3) Information Networking

Instructor: Murali Venkatesh

Course Description:
Introduction to accessing and building Internet World Wide Web information resources. Practice with searching tools and markup languages. Review of UNIX commands and file structure. Network information resources management issues are considered. Teams of students provide consultation service for local businesses on issues regarding information technology and computer networking.


IST 638 (3) Indexing and Abstracting Systems and Services

Instructor: Elizabeth Liddy

Course Description:
Skills of abstracting and indexing, with analysis of existing secondary services and varieties of index forms. Both manual and computer-based models.


IST 662 (3) Instructional Strategies and Techniques for Information Professionals

Instructor: Ruth Small

Course Description:
Introduction to information problem solving models: Strategies and techniques for integrating library and information skills and processes with curriculum content and instruction for children and/or adults.

Undergraduates and Graduates are coordinated through the School’s Community Information Technology Institute (CITI). Learning. Students work in teams to provide technology training to not for profit community organizations. Students also develop training manuals and job aids. Also coordinated through the CITI.


IST 716 (3) Information Management in Schools

Instructor: Michael Eisenberg

Course Description:
Management of media centers. Information flow in school environment, analysis of curriculum, problem solving, management principles, development of information services for students, teachers, and administrators.

Students work in teams on a library media center facilities design project. Schools use plans to create a new facility or revise an existing one.


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