S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications

PRL 315 (3) Public Relations Research

Instructor: Dennis Kinsey

Course Description:
The application of social science research methods to solve public relations planning, implementation, and evaluation problems. Students design and carry out actual research projects and produce final client reports.

Pre-requisite: PRL 206 or ADV 206. Only Jr., Sr.


PRL 325 (3) Public Relations Campaigns

Instructor: Staff

Course Description:
Advances student’s understanding of the public relations process by assigning students the task of planning, carrying out, and evaluating a public relations campaign or program.

Pre-requisite: PRL 215, 315. Only Jr., Sr., PR majors only.


ADV 509 (3) Advertising Research

Instructor: Beth Barnes

Course Description:
Provides an understanding of the roles and processes of advertising research.

Pre-requisite: ADV 207. Only Jr., Sr., Grad Newhouse Adv. students only.


ADV 525 (3) Advertising Lab: Campaigns

Instructor: Prof. Stout

Course Description:
This class will function as a full service advertising agency in a workshop format, encompassing all the disciplines studied during the student’s tenure at Newhouse. Development of marketing strategies, execution, media plans, promotion and final production.

Pre-requisite: ADV 507 or ADV 521 or permission of instructor. Only Sr., Grad Newhouse Adv. students only.


NEW 535 (1-3) Newspaper Practicum

Instructor: Nancy Weatherly Sharp

Course Description:
Practical on-site experience reporting and writing for Central New York newspapers. Weekly class sessions. Discussion of supplementary journalistic topics. Class assignments. Research paper. Restricted to juniors, seniors, graduate students.

Pre-requisite: NEW 405 or 617, permission of instructor.


PRL 525 (3) Public Relations Practicum

Instructor: Maria Russell

Course Description:
On-site work experience to acclimate students to the realities of organizational life, to explore one type of public relations in depth, and to apply classroom theory to the solution of everyday communications problems.

Pre-requisite: PRL 215, 315, 325 and permission of instructor.


PRL 611 (3) Public Relations Research (Graduate)

Instructor: Dennis Kinsey

Course Description:
Nature, formation, and communication of attitudes and public opinion in public relations settings. Application of methods for measuring attitudes, opinions, and public relations performances. Sampling, interviewing, and, data analysis techniques.


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