Leadership Intern Programs

Shaw Center Interns 2018The Shaw Center pulses with community engagement activities that connect campus to city, and beyond. We link, build, coach, tutor, teach, coordinate, schedule, partner and collaborate. Most of all, we transform — ourselves and the world “out there.” Through diverse literacy and service learning initiatives in the public sphere, the Shaw Center touches young hearts and minds. And along the way, we discover definitions of “learning” and “leadership” that last a lifetime.  As stewards of public engagement and scholarship, we share our time and talents for the common good. We promote, support, facilitate and recognize public and community service as a fundamental part of the Syracuse University experience.

The Shaw Center Leadership Intern Program is a community-based experiential learning opportunity for undergraduate students, to help them develop leadership skills. They participate in challenging assignments designed around real-world problem solving that requires a high level of critical thinking. Working in partnership with our professional staff, Shaw Center leadership interns have the opportunity to develop, implement, and evaluate center programs and initiatives.

Established in 1994 and supported by outside funding, the Leadership Intern Program attracts and retains some of the best students at SU. Leadership interns exhibit strong academic records, high levels of motivation, outstanding organizational skills, persistence, an ability to work with others, and leadership potential.

Shaw Center interns assist with community orientation sessions; develop and direct mentoring/tutoring programs; facilitate and assist with training; help develop and oversee program assessment data; write newsletters, memos, and manuals; help manage service learning courses, programs, and projects; and coordinate the transportation system, among other responsibilities. Complete descriptions of our intern positions are located here. Without the support and commitment of these outstanding students, Shaw Center programs, projects, and initiatives would not happen.

In a typical academic year we have 35-40 leadership interns who provide support for the Shaw Center. Graduating leadership interns complete senior exit interviews as a way to assess their overall experience and share their stories.

“The (now former) Chancellor likes to use the saying ‘education for the world, in the world.’ That is exactly what the Shaw Center has offered me. The experiences gained in the hours I have spent working each week for the Shaw Center comprise the single-most meaningful thing Syracuse University has offered me.

Little did I know four years ago when I wandered into your office looking for a job driving van that my relationship with the Shaw Center would take me to Texas, Florida, and California as a representative of Syracuse University; that I would be offered the chance to meet President Clinton and represent his foundation to my peers across the world; and be an invited guest on the Today show to talk about a program that my peers and I had the freedom to create.

The most important chance afforded me is my experience working with the children of the Syracuse City School District, which I will carry with me for the rest of my life. As I look to begin a career in the public sector, what I saw in the city schools will no doubt guide me to focus on urban education reform. This experience has shaped me into a lifelong public servant. For that I will be forever grateful.”

– Tim Biba ’11 (A&S, NEW)
Literacy Leadership Intern, Corps Council Chair, SU Literacy Corps Tutor, one of the students who developed Books & Cooks!